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Time Owes You Nothing

by Calliope Musicals

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"Time Owes You Nothing" was released on April 15, 2016 The album was produced by Kevin Augunas (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Cold War Kids), mixed and engineered by Gavin Paddock and Andy Dalton and mastered by Pete Lyman, (Pat Benatar, Jason Isbell, Banks, Ben Harper). According to frontwoman Carrie Fussell, the album, which was recorded at Fairfax Studios during a month-long stay in California, is "colored with excessive amounts of Jesus Christ Superstar…what came out is an album that inspires us and one that we hope will inspire others to push boundaries and be their favorite version of themselves.”


released April 15, 2016

Produced by Kevin Augunas & Calliope Musicals
Mixed & Engineered by Gavin Paddock & Andy Dalton
Mastered by Pete Lyman



all rights reserved


Calliope Musicals Austin, Texas

Calliope Musicals is a cheerful psychedelic party folk band from Austin TX. Their high-energy live performance focuses on involving the crowd. A squad of musicians fill in their folksy roots with a mix of vibraphone, tribal drums, bass, lead guitar and explosive vocals. The band exudes feel-good vibes that aim to swallow listeners and spit them out as happier versions of their former selves. ... more


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Track Name: 1604
come, i’ll show ya,
you can’t be the hero.

thirteen’s my door
did someone call a hero?

it’s the age to try,
and they will break you by
holding on to your echos

as you witness it
you may throw your fits,
but sometimes it’s best just to let go

say your prayers now,
pressure’s high now,
is this thing even working?

counting my stars,
lucky they are,
but i’m the one who is working.


Track Name: Echo of the Whoos
everyone was dancing to the sound of
the beat, the melody falling madly in love.
and the lights, they move, perpetuate the groove,
you know we love like fire, and you can do it, too!

night was young and hopping hot,
the downtown clock read 10:00,
all the hip kids ready to find
a spot for the night with their own kind.

i know it’s hard to take this life,
sell your soul just to survive,
and so we meet on the dance floor
to reignite what we had before.


the bar was packed end to end,
ain’t no way that you’ll get in
the place to be, one with the line
where peace is the song and love is the rhyme.

we’re holding out for something more:
a throwback to the 54
a taste of what we think is free--
the movement comes naturally.


Track Name: Sink or Swim
send me out to the rain so i can see things
you only see when you’re clean.

shake me off from my solid ground
it’s all adventure, till the moment you drown.

to the bone i’m soaking wet, but i know,
sink or swim, it’s a guaranteed way to grow.

catch the moon hold on tight to her tides
then find your own way in the morning when she hides.

sink or swim but i choose to fly;
life ain’t for just getting by.

if you find your soul ain’t feeling so free
take your insides and set them out to the sea

ocean waves used to scare me blind
now i kiss them; all i needed was time.


Track Name: Vegas
feeling like a liar
as the lights on fire
luminate your shadowy holes.

and though you built them up
just to cover all the brush
all so you could hunt for gold,

you see them from your room,
it’s an honesty that looms
out where they meet the sky.

if nature ran her course
from inside a trojan horse,
it means a fresh start for you and i.

are you scared of,
i ask you in love,
of what you were meant to be?

now you’re chained down
in your man made town
when all you wanted was to be free.


Track Name: Happy, Sandy Baby
happy, sandy baby.
like you best when we’re wavy.

we’re building fires
in top secret places,
and testing out tires
on rocky roads.
everyone says
“you can’t ever make it,”
but it seems that we’re never going home!

cramming in cars,
sleep less than we should.
we’ve come so far,
and i’m just glad,
all you can hope
is for all of your good
to scare away your big, ugly bad.

we’re just too close
to give it up now.
it’s too much we know,
and i’m just thrilled.
and when you hear
that big ugly growl,
we’re taking heads of the bad vibes we’ve killed!!


ahhhh, you’re my sandy babe.

Track Name: Potting Daisies
though i try
my mind gets hazy
spend my evenings potting daisies,
but i love you more than anything.

save me now
i fear i’m falling
i can hear my history calling
but my future’s up for anything.

i knew you’d keep running from me. (run, running)
i knew you’d keep running from me. (run, running)

keep your heart close
when you’re thinking
eyes wide open never blinking
cause you don’t want to miss anything.

chorus x2

little baby
seems that maybe
you are growing old.
standing up there
with your blue hair
but somehow i know.

chorus x2

Track Name: What My Eyes Found
another ride, another love--
take our time, we’ll take it slow.
seems like the one, she is my one,
from the start our eyes would meet.

never mind the lower times;
lift it up to a better place.
we know just how to make it strange;
we know just how to make it great.

it seemed like the world had froze
when our eyes, they met in the middle of the room.

this could be the moment of my life
where nothing else matters but what my eyes found.

i dreamed this dream would never end.

Track Name: Swim or Sink
sink or swim, but i choose to fly
life ain’t for just getting by.

just getting by...

Track Name: Tiny White Moths
let’s see how far we can go
running down the mountain.
juggling tiny white moths,
floating on a flat rock.

it’s tough to talk me down,
the world you see is what you believe.
it’s tough to talk me down
from where i am and what i find.

dodging those rattlesnakes
can change a man’s perspective.
count on each other so
we shift as a collective.


stay alive!

Track Name: Velveteen
i remember it so clearly
biting in the juicy
peaches of my dreams,
or of a lover, so it seems.

and you know it’s fleeting,
the memories that i’m meeting
in the dark and foggy light
after a frosty loveless night.

now it’s just a head trip--
the sweet taste on my two lips
and the juices from within
running down my chin.

and my hands are sticky
after peaches picked me
and left me dreaming of
how i’m deliriously in love.

like a child i’m happy;
i’ve met you and you made me
the person who i was
all along and it’s because

way down underneath
this sweet and velveteen peach
never was so bad.

Track Name: Letters
i received a call today from my friend,
“brother you see i’ve hit the end.”

i know i’ll hear this someday;
please, someday come soon.

take a moment now,
never did we notice,
how a drug instills forgotten moment’s focus.
make a note, how’s it feel? you’re getting old.
redirection is a tool that works two ways;
pick a scene that you would like to live fully.
living as a human being, singing letters to the world.

i received a call today from my friend,
“oh, you know, it’s been a tough one.”

too much time to think, too many things in your head
i think i need a break from it all.


hey! we’re singing letters to the world.
keep, keep your head up tonight.
rain, this rain will stop for you.

Track Name: Morning Ground
it’s morning and the ground’s wet;
my world is just waking up.
i wish that i could see it,
but my eyes are still tightly shut.

time owes you nothing,
and your dreams are just that
if that’s all you’ll let them be.

the sun is warming up now,
even the coldest of my young heart.
the world is full of beauty,
and even i can be a part.

chorus x2

Track Name: Be ( Morning Ground pt. 2)
be the human you always thought you’d be.